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We manufacture all reproduction parts, both walnut and steel in house on our machinery. All parts are copied from original ones and are fitted to our original guns before shipment. We do not make parts for repro guns or guns not listed on this site. We offer gunsmith services for those who wish to send their gun in for evaluation and/or repair. We only work on guns manufactured prior to 1898 (black powder) and only on those models listed on this site. We ship within ten days of receipt of payment unless otherwise specified.

Colt Paterson 1839 Revolving Carbine

The carbine in the photo was made by Jack Schwartz (except for the cylinder which is original). I have machined parts and castings for the entire gun (except for the cylinder). All parts are modeled from originals. 1839 Carbine parts are not interchangeable from gun to gun without hand fitting. Because of the lack of parts interchangeability, all Paterson Carbines needing parts will have to be shipped to my facility. Call for Quotes


All parts except the cylinder which is original Colt Paterson have been fabricated by Jack Schwartz.